Jungle life inside of me.

Wild, feeling free.

Pour water trough my vein.

Love like waterfall. Life like rain.

So easy taken away.

We should kiss our ground and to nature obey.

The water inside of me that always changes.

Waves that can storm.

Waves that can make a form.

Waves that you can surf on.

Waves that can take you in one second and you are gone.

Waves that can kill.

Waves of love that can fill.

Water with so much information.

I try to feel your movement and creation.

With out you I can not breathe.

With out you my dear water my body will bleed.

Without you my body will dry out.

My body will scream and scout.

Water is the holy source of existence, so we should read the water more and listen.

Hear the bubbles, the waves of history.

Hear the depth of mystery.

You bind everything together.

You make life with your weather.

My life is floating on your surfes.

My soul is diving in your deepest oceans.

Your create my waves of emotion.

I am just one drop of everything that you are.

And I am just one of the lights that becomes a star.