-We all know The mask-




-The Mask of fear. That we put up for everyone so they don’t come near-




Do you want to live with that mask, that do not tell who you truly are? Do you wanna hide and just accept living in a lie? What are you afraid of?



I show my self. I show me. True me. Naked and bare.

I have love and seeds to share. I am not afraid, I dare. 

I show my self out there.

My wounds, my heart, my eyes.

I stand up for who I am.

And I am just like you.

A human that are vulnerable, and affected from the world.

But still we are different. We are learned in to different ways.

That is whats makes us acting into different plays.

But everyone has there one part. Different rhythm but the same heart.

The trees need the birds, the sentence need the words.

The music need the tones and my body is build up with bones.

Just because we don’t have the same talk, does not mean we can’t  do life hand in hand in the same walk.  

So show your true self, don’t hide behind a mask or inside a shell.

You are you and I am me.

Let us show the world out there how it is to be free.

- Angelica Rosenstam